IMPACT Startup Conference

August 24, 2017

Baz Consulting International Participated in the IMPACT Startup Conference on August 24, 2017. The IMPACT Startup Conference could show participants how to make an impact in society by integrating the necessary ingredients of success: networking, resources and knowledge; into their startup journey. Through various means – including visual ones such as a photo-exhibit showing a startup’s success in photos and through storytelling by successful Afghan entrepreneurs, sharing their experience, the participants learn what it takes to succeed with a startup business or a social initiative in Afghanistan.

The goal of the event was therefore to convey and deliver information in an easily accessible manner and to provide motivation for new Afghan entrepreneurs and returnees to become part of the Afghan startup scene and facilitate job creation. Returnees played an important role in the IMPACT Startup Conference as returnees bring with them a very distinct set of features, knowledge and characteristics that are tremendously beneficial in order to create new businesses and initiatives in Afghanistan.