Electronic Government

Good e-Government strategies consider carefully the institutional, political, cultural, social and technological context of governments.

These strategies should be practical and feasible within the local constraints and conditions. Baz International Consultancy Services entertain a Practice based approach to e-Government strategy development where practicability, and goal achievement have the highest priority.

To support you develop your e-Transformation strategies to lead the digital age, our worldwide network of highly skilled e-Government experts and consultant will provide you with the valuable knowledge and best practices.

  • Strategy-related Action Plan Composition: We help organizations to develop e-services and their background systems harmonically, following a solid strategic line. Read More
  • Analysis of International and Domestic Best Practices: Through analysis of profound depth and extension we collect the best practices that help to avoid the problems that might arise in the implementation or introduction phase, and their solution would require substantial resources and a long time. Read More
  • Service Modernization: We help our clients to transform their classical services into efficient, cost-effective, customer-oriented and accessible services over a variety of channels. Read More
  • Analysis of Laws and Internal Regulations: A growing number of regulations have been issued concerning e-government and e-administration, be it in the form of laws, government decrees, ministerial or municipal decrees. Read More