ICT & Women

Information and communication technologies (ICTs), have great potential to empower women worldwide.

Self-generated income from ICT businesses can give women greater power to close the gender wage gap, as it is a means of production that allows for some control and determination on the price that women can sell their labor.

ICT can play a critical role in making education accessible to women and girls with possible large impact on improved quality but only if other variables are in place as ICT cannot make up for all other shortcomings of development. For example, where there is extreme poverty, the cost of basic gadgets and broadband make the concept of ‘learning any-where any-time’ possible but not attainable, and largely applicable in resource abundant communities.

Baz International Consultancy Services with the help from its global allies will be your best partner to implement modules to empower women to be the elite of the society.

To end violence against women, mobile phone apps can help to report safety risks and to get access to services for survivors of gender-based violence. To advance women’s leadership and participation, online platforms empower women across the country, where women can connect and get information on how to run for office and get elected. To enhance women’s economic empowerment, Knowledge Gateway can empower women with knowledge, resources, networking and training.