GAC16 Top10 Emerging Technologies 2016

Technology is perhaps the greatest agent of change in the modern world. While never without risk, technological breakthroughs promise innovative solutions to the most pressing global challenges of our time. From batteries that can provide power to whole villages to microchips that could take the place of organs in medical research, this year’s 10 emerging technologies offer a vivid glimpse of the power of innovation to improve lives, transform industries and safeguard our planet. Download Now

Social Media Impact Digital

This paper examines the growth of social media platforms and the subsequent rapid surge in digital content shared online. According to Statista, which aggregates user information, 1.4 billion people used social networks around the globe in 2012; by 2016, this number will grow to an estimated 2.13 billion. Download Now

Wef GAC15 Technologies

Digital connectivity permeates all aspects of daily life – from the way people interact to the economic landscape, political decision-making and the skills needed to get a job. A greater reliance on networked resources makes people more interdependent, while many stakeholders are concerned about whether the industry can strike the right balance between privacy, security and trust. Download Now

Check Out the Impact We Have On the Industry

WEF IT Partnering Cyber Resilience

The World Economic Forum recognizes that the risks, rewards and governance of the networked economy are core issues of the global agenda and fundamental for sustainable growth and stability. Additionally, it recognizes that only a coordinated approach will ensure that new opportunities for growth are fully leveraged and risks managed. Download Now

WEF Rethinking Personal Data

An asymmetry of power exists today between institutions and individuals – created by an imbalance in the amount of information about individuals held by, or that is accessible to, industry and governments, and the lack of knowledge and ability of the same individuals to control the use of that information. While people are generally willing to share personal information in exchange for valued services, recent surveys indicate growing unease in how personal data are being used. Download Now

WEFUSA Quantification of Cyber Threats

This report summarizes the goals and activities of the initiative, the history and status of the initiative and key cyber value-at-risk concept foundations. It describes various possible components of the cyber value-at-risk framework, remaining challenges in moving towards more robust cyber risks quantification, and suggested next steps. Download Now