Wan S. Yi

Wan S. Yi is the Director, Regional Information Security Center (RISC), Korea Internet & Security Agency. He is responsible for information security education & training programs, security awareness programs and consulting small and medium companies in local provinces.

He served in a variety of important career building assignments preparatory to his most recent duties. He joined KISA in 1996 when it was established. His major positions include Director of IT Security Planning Team and IT Security Evaluation Team. In the IT Security Planning Team, he was responsible of maintaining Korea IT Security Evaluation Program where he adopted Common Criteria as the domestic criteria and developed various protection profiles for government use. Also he participated in the government TF to join CCRA (Common Criteria Recognition Arrangement). In 2007, he was responsible for protection of critical information infrastructures in private sector. In 2012, he became the VP of Internet Incident Prevention Division and Critical Infrastructure Division. In late 2012, he became the VP of International Cooperation Group where he organized Korea representative groups to variety of international organizations and participated in development banks projects. Before joining KISA, he worked for Hyundai Information Technology, LTD. as a programmer.

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He is a member of ISC2 APAC (Asia-Pacific Advisory Council) since 2015 and he received CISSP in March 2002.

He received BS degree in Computer Science from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, US in 1991. He also received MS degree in information security from Dongguk University, Korea in 2001. And he received Ph.D. in computer engineering from SungKyunKwan University in 2011. Since 2013, he is an adjunct professor at SungKyunKwan University.