Mr. Mohammad Ismail Bhat

Mr. Mohammad Ismail Bhat has more than 46 years of experience in the Telecom, IT and Management Sectors. With 13 years of project management experience in the ICT Sector of Afghanistan. He gained full knowledge of Government and Business Operations in Afghanistan as related to the ICT Sector, Procurement/Accounting Policies and Procedures, while working on different ICT Projects in Afghanistan from 15th Dec, 2003 till December, 2016.

He has full knowledge of all World Bank Project/Financial/Procurement Management Policies and Procedures by working on World Bank funded Projects in Ministry of Communications and IT from 15th Dec, 2003 to 30th Sep, 2009 and again from 4th December, 2010 till December, 2016, which included World Bank financed project management, procurement and financial management of all ICT Projects as implemented by Ministry of Communications and IT(MCIT) of Afghanistan.

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Excellent knowledge of Procurement/Accounting/Administrative Policies and Procedures of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Full knowledge and experience of the World Bank financed Project Management, including Procurement and Financial Management since carried out all these functions for World Bank funded Projects of MCIT for about 11 years since December, 2003. Successfully lead the Teams in Afghan Telecom since worked as CTO/COO of the Company for almost 05 years in Afghanistan.

He holds Masters degree in Management Sciences from Indian University, with specialization in the Project and Financial Management. Also, a Postgraduate Diploma Holder in Business Administration/Management from India.

He taught Computer Science and Telecom related Subjects at Postgraduate and Graduate Engineering Levels for 11 years in Defence Telecom and IT Engineering College in India; Headed Department of Telematics in Defence Engineering College. Taught Operational Research and Managerial Economics to Post-graduate Engineering Students. Also, taught Material Management and IT related Subjects to MBA Students in College of Defence Management in Secunderabad-India. Headed an Engineering College in Andhra Pradesh of India as Principal of the College for a short span of time.