Dr. Walter Kaffenberger

Dr. Walter Kaffenberger served as Project Manager of NATO’s internet project for Afghan universities: “SILK-Afghanistan”, supported by a grant from the U.S. Department of State/U.S. Embassy Kabul with a total budget of ~$20 million for 7.5 years (2008-2015); Public Diplomacy Division, NATO Headquarters, Brussels. Prior this position he served as Science Administrator, Program Director for Chemistry, Biology & Physics; Associate Program Director “Science for Peace” and Computer Networking Consultant for Afghanistan; Public Diplomacy Division, NATO Headquarters, Brussels for over 4 years (2006-20010).

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He used to be the Science Administrator, Program Director: “Life Science & Technology” and “Computer Networking”, Scientific and Environmental Affairs Division, later: Public Diplomacy Division, NATO Headquarters, Brussels/Belgium (www.nato.int/science); in particular, Project Officer for the “Virtual Silk Highway”, NATO’s project to provide free Internet access for academics in its Partner countries in the Southern Caucasus and Central Asia, including Afghanistan (Kabul University) (1998-2004).